dga' ldan pho brang

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Ganden Palace [RY]

Ganden Palace [in the 9th earth tiger year, sne gdong mi dbang bkra shis grags pa, 'bras spungs rdo khang, the previous Dalai Lama dge 'dun rgya mtso=r offered name was changed to dga' ldan pho brang and on the 11th water horse yr the 5th Dalai Lama gu shri han gyi rgyab skyor 'og in that palace "dga' ldan pho brang" srid dbang btzugs stabs, giving that name to the former Tibetan secular government.1518...1642] [IW]

government house in lhasa, government of lhasa, name of the traditional Tibetan government [JV]