dgag pa

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ft. of 'gog pa; 1) to negate, refute, repudiate, disapprove, criticize, deny, invalidate, nullify, contest. 2) negative phenomenon. 3) obstruct, inhibit, suppress, repress, block, to hinder. 4) obstruction, absolute / implicative negation; refutation, negation, criticism, objection, rebuttal [RY]

[f 'gegs pa] hinder, refute.; 1) gcod pa, rgol ba [f 'gog pa]; 2) self-negation from meaning, negation, refutation [IW]

refute, discard, critique, negative, negative phenomenon, refuting, objection, refusal, stop, hinder, SA 'gegs pa, rebuttal, to disprove [JV]

to deny/ negate/ refute [RB]