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sangha, community, Spiritual Community, one who is devout or earnest in religion, priesthood, assemblage, church, clergy, 1 of gnas pa dgu, spiritual community, monk [JV]

sangha, monastic community, a monk/ nun [IW]

sangha [IW]

Sangha. The community of practitioners usually the fully ordained monks and nuns. The Noble Sangha means those who have achieved the path of seeing among the five paths and therefore are liberated from samsara. (RY)

Sangha, assembly, community, assembly of spiritual followers, members of the sangha, monastic community, spiritual / religious community; lit: "pursuing the virtuous, desire for piety" [RY]

Sangha [RY]

sangha [last of the three jewels) assembly of monks, assembly of spiritual followers, members of the sangha dwelling in abandoning kleshas slob pa lam gyi gang zag dge slong gsum mam bzhi sde yan chad. (IW)