dgos pa

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purpose [thd]

need/ requirement/ necessity; to need/ require; purpose/ value [RB]

need to [RY]

dgos pa, dgos pa, dgos pa intr. v.; 1) to be necessary, be obliged, compelled, require, want, need. 2) necessity, purpose, aim, need, requirement, obligation, want, value [RY]

must, have to, want, necessary, need, require, should, ought to, necessity, what is desired, be obliged, be compelled, stand in need of, ought, due, purpose, requisite, needful, useful, definitely, definitively, imperative tense indicator, function, one can, reason [JV]

must [RY]

to require [RY]

1) (Tha mi dad pa need, necessity, must have; 2) essential goal, purpose, aim, want; 3) ought to, should, be obliged or compelled [IW]