dmigs med

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without any external reference, fixation without an object, cannot be reduced to an objective reference, not limited to any specific object, not objectifiable, non-conceptualization, unobservability, aimlessness, non-conceptual, free from thought, independent, not depending, lacking any referent or point of reference, without focus, without concentrating upon, unlimited, cannot be made into an object, cannot be made into an object of thought [JV]

without an object; free from presentation, non-grasping [free from concepts]. nonconception, non-referential, without reference point, nonconceptual, objectless, aimless, without focus, beyond, without conception, non-fixation, the inapprehendable [RY]

non-grasping, non-conceptual/ referential, free from/w/o reference point/ concept[ion]/ focus/ object/ presentation, aimless, beyond conception, non-fixation, [the] unapprehendable, empty [IW]

dmigs pa med pa, dmigs su med pa nonreferential/ without any (fixed) frame of reference; unconditional; inconceivable [RB]