dngos 'dzin

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fixation, taking them as real, grasping, identification, holding as one's own, possession of worldly objects [JV]

identification [ggd] [RY]

taking things as real [RY]

fixate on concreteness, hold as real [IW]

dngos por 'dzin pa investing/ to invest (something/ things) with reality/ real existence/ substantial existence; to hold/ conceive of (things/ something) to be real; to reify concepts [RB]

fixation on concreteness. The habitual tendency to cling to self and outer things as being real, solid and lasting [RY]

fixation on concreteness, holding to be real; fixation on a solid (reality) [RY]

apprehension of entity, grasping at entity, identify [thd]

1) ignorance; 2) gras things as having truly existing characteristics [IW]