dngos med

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insubstantial, inconcrete, substanceless, without any concreteness [RY]

inconcrete; a non-thing, non-being, inconcrete, inevident, non-entities, unreal, unmanifest, inevident, abstract, not realistic [RY]

insubstantial, without substantial existence [RY]

absence, non-thing [ggd] [RY]

non-substance, immaterial, without substance, non-essent, non-existence, fictional fantasies, subsistence, non-thing, no-thing, unreal, that was never born nor existed, unsubstantial, immaterial, not existing, non-entities, intangible, without concreteness, nothing concrete, lack of concreteness, without substance, insubstantial, inconcreteness [JV]

a non-thing, non-being, non-entity, non- concrete, unreal, unmanifest, non-evident, abstract, not realistic, insubstantial [IW]

a non-thing, non-being, non-entity, inconcrete, unreal, unmanifest, inevident, abstract, not realistic, insubstantial [empty of an effect producing cause like the sky, unconditioned/ uncompounded dharmas] [IW]

dngos po med pa is not real; having no/ lacking substance; not actual; isc. intangible [RB]