don dam bden pa

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absolute truth [one of the two truths, Vaibhashika: whatever bcom pa or blos cha shas so sor bsal ba na rang 'dzin gyi blo 'dor du mi rung ba'i chos cha med gnyis dang, Sautrantikas: sgra rtog gis btags par ma ltos par rang gi sdod lugs kyi ngos nas rigs pas dpyad bzod du grub pa'i chos rang mtsan; Mind-only: don dam dpyod byed kyi rig shes tshad mas rnyed don yongs grub kyi chos, Madhyamaka: rang mngon sum du rtogs pa'i perceptual pramana rang nyid gnyis snang nub pa'i [IW]

ultimate truth [paramaartha-satya] absolute truth, ultimate truth. essence or literal meaning of the absolute truth; ultimate reality [RY]

ultimate (level of) truth [RB]

param rtha-satya, absolute/ ultimate truth [IW]

ultimate truth, sacred truth [JV]

absolute truth (Tib. don dam bden pa): the ultimate nature of the mind and the true status of all phenomena, the state beyond all conceptual constructs which can be known only by primordial wisdom and in a manner that transcends duality. The way things are from the point of view of realized beings. [MR]