dpyod pa

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dpyad pa (mental) analysis/ investigation/ evaluation; to analyze/ investigate/ evaluate [RB]

1) (Tha dad pa dpyad pa, dpyad pa, dpyod,, think about in detail, closely mentally evaluate; 2) among the gzhan 'gyur bzhi'i, depending on sems pa dang shes rab, don de'i khyad par so sor gzhigs nas 'dzin pa zhib pa'i rnam pa can gyi shes pa'o discernment, analysis, examining (mental function (one of the four variables try, examine, analysis, scrutinize [IW]

think through, think about [RY]

vicara, steadily moving reflection, discursiveness, mibp 102, detailed investigation, think through, think about, analysis, to analyze, examine, exploration, SA gzhan 'gyur bzhi, test by reasoning [JV]

dpyod pa, dpyad pa, dpyad pa, dpyod trans. v.; 1) to try, examine, analyze, investigate, scrutinize, 2) Discernment, as one of the four variables. Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: zhib mor 'jug pa'i sems pa; analysis; [vicara] (mental) investigation; examining [mental function] [RY]