dug gsum

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Three poisons. Desire, anger, and delusion [RY]

three poisons [passion, aggression, and ignorance three roots of evil, desire raga or 'dod chags hatred dves' or zhe sdang and delusion moha or gti mug [IW]

three poisons [RY]

three poisons: attachment, anger, and dullness; desire raga 'dod chags hatred dvesha zhe sdang and delusion moha gti mug [RY]

Three mind poisons. Attachment, anger, and delusion [RY]

3 poisons, affective behavior patterns, SA 'dod chags, zhe sdang, gti mug three poisons ('dod chags, gti mug, zhe sdang) [JV]

Three poisons (dug gsum): the three negative emotions of bewilderment, attachment and aversion. [MR]