dus kyi 'khor lo

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Kalachakra - Anuttara-tantra or its yidam whose ground path and fruition presentation have outer, inner, and other dus sbyor connections therefore called the wheel of time [syn: khams gsum 'khor los sgyur ba dang, gnyis su med, tha ma med, thabs shes bdag nyid, thog ma'i mgon po, dang po'i sangs rgyas, rdo rje sems dpa', sdom pa la 'dus pa, rnam kun mchog ldan, rnal 'byor rnam pa, 'pho med, byang chub sems, zhi ba, rigs kun khyab bdag rigs med pa, shes dang shes bya'i bdag nyid mchog ae wam yi ge.] [IW]

Kalachakra [RY]

kalachakra, a yidam, doctrine of kalachakra, kalachakra system, animated nature or living beings, SA dus khor, Wheel of Time, basis of zodiacal astrology, temporal cycle [JV]

Kalachakra. 'Wheel of Time.' A tantra and a Vajrayana system taught by Buddha Shakyamuni himself, showing the interrelationship between the phenomenal world, the physical body and the mind [RY]