gang rung

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/ gang yang rung - whosoever he may be; any, one among, either one or both, what ever, whatever is suitable / proper, anything, anyone, whichever, any kind / sort of people or thing; what is proper [RY]

any of [RY]

any suitable, anyone, choosing, any [JV]

whatever is appropriate; any given . . . [RB]

either, both, both whatever, what/ which ever [is suitable], any[thing/ one/ kind] [IW]

whichever is suitable [RY]6

1) as is appropriate; 2) as is suitable; 3) however/whatever is appropriate; 4) however/whatever is suitable; 5) whichever is appropriate; 6) whichever is suitable. The translation of this term depends largely on the context. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]