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1) tone, pitch. 2) tune, melody 3) p. of gdang chant, slow formal chant. 3) manifestation, open, lustrous, refection, projection, tone, accent, voice, complexion, radiance, luster, open, gaping, music, harmony, melody; manifestation; manifestation, refection, projection; tone, sound, chant, melody, pitch, tune; accent, voice, tone of; color, complexion, radiance, luster; open, gaping; translucency, translucent [RY]

radiance, lustre, (primordial, inner, natural) glow, self-radiance, (ultimate, subtle) clarity, resonance, creativity, actuality, lucid manifestation, incessant creativity, SA mdangs, dwangs, luminous nature, inner ultimate, subtle force, profundity, chant (slow & formal with syllables extended), manifestation, open tune, tone or pitch of one's voice, music, harmony, melody, forehead, the very nature of energy, capacity of energy to manifest its own nature just as a crystal which is put into a colored cloth reveals the qualities by which it is characterized, past of gdang, primary energy of potentiality of manifestation, SA thugs rje, translucency, primal manifestation of energy, Dang energy [JV]

1) sgra'i nyams; 2) [arch] way of doing tone, pitch, tune, melody, [slow formal] chant, manifestation, open, lustrous, refection, projection, accent, voice, complexion, radiance, luster, open, gaping, music, harmony [IW]

x gsung gi gdangs - the sound of his voice [RY]

(outwardly directed) radiance (of being)/ radiant expression* [RB]

phyi gdangs externalized/ outwardly directed radiance (of being)* [RB]

1) glow, radiance, light, brightness, luminosity, shine, gleam, glimmer, incandescence, phosphorescence, luminescence; 2) richness, vividness, brilliance; 3) warmth, heat; 4) luster, sheen, gloss, glossiness, shine, brightness, radiance, burnish, polish, patina, glow, gleam, glimmer, shimmer; 5) tone, pitch; 6) tune melody; 7) chant, slow formal chant; 8) manifestation, reflection, projection; 8) complexion, pigmentation, countenance [Erick Tsiknopoulos]