gnang ba

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conferred upon [RY]

grant permission, give, grant, bestow, confer, restore, concede, allow, permit, approve of, assent to, allocate, allot, award, do, endow, let, permission, teach [JV]

to give/ to concede, permit/ permission, consent; to be permitted; pf. of nang ba, ft. of nang ba; approval, consent, permission, to give, to bestow, to confer, upon, to commit to, to grant, to concede [RY]

to perform (a ceremony) [RY]

to act, do [RY]

1) (Tha dad pa gnang ba, gnang ba, gnongs!,; 1) give, bestow [h]; 2) do say [h]; 2) things suitable to do, permission, approval, consent, confer upon, commit to, grant, concede, be permitted [IW]