gnas tshul

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news [RY]

1) [actual facts of] conditions/ circumstances/ situation, object; 2) news, information, issue; 3) abiding mode [of reality]; 4) subsistence, natural state/ mode; 5) the way it is, how things [really] are [IW]

1) conditions, circumstances, situation. 2) information, news, account / statement of events. 3) abiding mode [of reality]. mode of subsistence, natural mode, actual condition, the way it is; mode of being; state. Comp. snang tshul the way things are, the mode of abiding [RY]

abiding condition, abiding mode [thd]

how things are, manner of being, situation, condition, circumstances, existential self, reality, nature, being-in-itself, news, information, happenings, tidings, state of things, affairs, condition of life bodily or spiritually, story, account, history, news, event, situation, mode of being, manner of being, manner of existence, things that had happened, reports [JV]

fact, reality [RY]

abiding mode [RB]