gnubs sangs rgyas ye shes

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gnubs sangs rgyas ye shes [IW]

gnubs sangs rgyas ye shes [in the time of khri srong lde btsan byung nas studied with many pandits in bod, bal po, rgya gar, bru sha &, 'di la mdo sgyu sems gsum gyi bka' thams cad gcig tu babs pa yin par grags, 1 of the so zur gnubs gsum] [IW]

Sangye Yeshe of Nub. One of the twenty-five disciples of Padmasambhava, he was the chief recipient of the Anu Yoga teachings as well as the Yamantaka of Mahayoga. In addition to Guru Rinpoche, his other teachers were Traktung Nagpo and Ch�gyal Kyong of India, Vasudhara of Nepal, and Chetsen Kye from the country of Drusha. He visited India and Nepal seven times. When the evil king Langdarma attempted to destroy Buddhism in Tibet, Sangye Yeshe instilled fear in the king by causing an enormous scorpion, the size of nine yaks, to magically appear by a single gesture of his right hand. Through this, Langdarma lost the courage to persecute the Vajrayana sangha. Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche is considered one of his reincarnations. Sangye Yeshe means 'Buddha Wisdom.' [RY]

one of Padmasambhava's 25 disciples [RY]

8-9th cent. - Nub Sangye Yeshe, one of Guru Padmasambhava's twenty-five main disciples [RY]