gso ba

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to mend; to feed, nourish, to mend; to enhance; ft. of gso ba; gso ba, gsos pa, gso ba, gsos trans. v.; gso ba, bsos pa, bso ba [RY]

medicine [RY]

medicine, support, give birth to, keep, raise, feed, strengthen, gladden, revive, heal, person, breed, care, cure, 1 of rig gnas bco brgyad, feed, nourish, bring up, nurse up, train, mend, repair [JV]

1) (Tha dad pa 1, gsos pa, gso ba, gsos,, rear, nourish, feed, bring up, cure, heal, enhance, mend, repair, restore, revive, regain consciousness; 2) what is diminished make increase again; 3) bsos pa, bso ba, gsos,, ease, refresh, restore; 4) med. treatment/ care; 5) skye bo, SB [IW]