gsol mchod

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verses of offering and invocation; petition-offering; usually to Dharma protectors [RY]

  • religious ritual/ offering, pay respect and homage to the dead [IW]

prayer and offerings, invocation [JV]

petition-offering [RY]

1) invocatory offering, invocatory veneration, invocation of offering, invocation of veneration, offering invocation, veneration offering (ritual); 2) supplicatory offering, supplicatory veneration, supplication of offering, supplication of veneration, offering supplication, veneration supplication (ritual); 3) petitionary offering, petitionary veneration, petition of offering, petition of veneration, offering petition, offering veneration (ritual); 4) prayer offering, prayer veneration, prayer of offering, prayer of veneration, offering prayer, veneration prayer (ritual); 5) entreating offering, entreating veneration, entreaty of offering, entreaty of veneration, offering entreaty, veneration entreaty (ritual). A ritual, gsol ba'i mchod pa, usually where Deities or Dharma Protectors are invoked, offerings are made to them, and their specific activities, powers and benefits are requested for oneself and others. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]