gtong len

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the giving-and-taking [practice of bodhi chitta; the giving-and-taking [practice of bodhi chitta], a method for developing bodhichitta / receiving and transmitting. (RY)

give/ send and receive, giving/sending-and-taking practice. A method for developing bodhicitta by visualizing evil is inhaled and good exhaled. (IW)

give/ send and receive, giving-sending/taking-receiving practice * receive and transmit, transporting. (IW)

Giving and taking. A bodhichitta practice of giving one's virtue and happiness to others and taking their suffering and misdeeds upon oneself. (RY)

Tong-len. 'giving and taking.' Sending and taking. (RY)

The bodhichitta practice which, when performed from its dzogchen context, one's positive energies are recognized as emanating (as with one's out-breath), and negativities are recognized as taken-in (as with one's in-breath), and allowed to instantaneously dissolve into basic space. This recognition once applied, demonstrates the spontaneous and transformative potential of basic space, when properly understood. RWB