gyur pa

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. . .r gyur pa - to constitute/ become/ function as . . . ; will . . . [future tense] [RB]

has; pf. of 'gyur ba; to be, to change, to become. r-gyur-pa - to constitute/ become/ function as. will. (future tense) [RY]

became, SA 'gyur ba [JV]

[p 'gyur pa], be, change, become [IW]

is, became, SA 'gyur ba [JV]

1) (all) that which is/are, (all) that which constitutes, (all) that which functions as...; 2) to become, change, transform. Past tense of 'gyur pa. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]


gyur pa is past tense, 'gyur ba is future tense. gyur cig is imperative. KHS