gzung ba

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held, interest, inclination, bias, object, the 'held', perceived, apprehended, grasped, to objectify, objectification; (objective) perception/ grasping; to appreciate; ft. of 'dzin pa; object, that which is apprehended, [grahya] [RY]

perception (of objects); to reify/ perceive/ conceive of as/ to be an object [RB]

cling, objectify, take as, the apprehended, catch, clutch, grapple, harness, maintain, SA 'dzin pa, interest, inclination, bias, attribute, capacity, that which is apprehended, to visualize, to reify, conceives [JV]

to be regarded [RY]

apprehended [RY]

1) [f 'dzin pa]; 2) sense object; 2) debt, interest, inclination, bias, [the] held, [the] perceived, [the] apprehended, [the] grasped, object[ification], [-ify] [IW]