ji snyed

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as much as, as great as, whatever is possible, just about so much, how much, how many, all the many , all possible, all [JV]

dge tshogs ji snyed de tsam as much merit as [RY]

all that is / exists, whatever there is, as many / much as there is, a lot, quite a lot. 1) whatever is suitable / appropriate, as suitable. 2) all kinds / sorts. 3) a suitable number [RY]

all that exists, as many as there may be, whatever/ as much as there is/ is suitable, [quite] a lot, as suitable, all kinds, a suitable # [IW]

all that can be found, in their manifold variety, all that exist, any and all in existence, however many there are (depends greatly on the context) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]