kha sbyor yan lag bdun

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the seven aspects of union [JV]

seven aspects of union, seven branches of conjunction. Syn kha sbyor gyi yan lag bdun [RY]

7 aspects of supreme union: 1) longs spyod rdzogs pa complete enjoyment 2) kha sbyor union 3) bde ba chen po great bliss 4) rang bzhin med pa no self-nature 5) snying rjes yongs su gang ba completely filled with compassion 6) rgyun mi chad pa uninterrupted 7) 'gog pa med pa unceasing); sangs rgyas longs spyod rdzogs pa'isku'i rang bzhin ni kha sbyor yan lag bdun dang ldan pa ste,longs spyod rdzogs pa'i yan lag dang, kha sbyor gyi yan lagbde ba chen po'i yan lag rang bzhin med pa'i yan lag snyingrjes yongs su gang ba'i yan lag rgyun mi 'chad pa'i yan lag'gog pa med pa'i yan lag rnams so] [IW]

7 aspects of supreme union [IW]

Seven aspects of union. The seven qualities of a sambhogakaya buddha: complete enjoyment, union, great bliss, absence of a self-nature, presence of compassion, being uninterrupted, and being unceasing [RY]