khro ba

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indignation mibp 82, make one angry, get angry, enrage, belligerence, anger, wrath, wrathful [JV]

1. (Tha mi dad pa) khros pa, khro ba,, wrath, agression, anger; 2) anger increasing bordering on violence, [one of nye nyon nyi shu] syn: khong khro dang, khros pa, 'khrugs pa, mngon 'joms, sdang sems, mi bzod pa, tshig pa za] [IW]

wrath [RB]

(Tha mi dad pa khros pa, khro ba,, wrath, aggression, anger, indignation [increasing bordering on violence] [IW]

khro ba, khros pa, khro ba intr. v.; Skt. krodha 1) v. to be angry, furious, get mad at, make angry, enrage, become angry/ wrathful. 2) One of nye nyon nyi shu fury, wrath, rage, anger, vindictiveness, belligerence; strong anger [bordering on violence], indignation, fierce anger. Def. by Jamg?ongtr?gnod pa la mi bzod pa]] [RY]

khros pa to become angry/ wrathful [RB]

Aggression DKC


Yasomitra describes this as a completely aggressive mind towards sentient beings and non-sentient beings that is other than malice and hostility. DKC