khyad par

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unique quality [RY]

Specifically, [RY]

Particularly, [RY]

1) dissimilar divisions, particulars, distinctions of [dualistic] opposites; 2) in particular, special, eminent, specifics, particulars, particularity, special quality, attribute qualification quality, difference, distinction, discrimination, variation, aspect of, feature, division, part, section, kind, sort, special, distinctive, particular, different, qualification, difference, excellent, superior, pre-eminent [IW]

1) specifics, particulars, particularity, disparity, peculiarity. 2) special quality, attribute. qualification. quality. 3) difference, distinction, discrimination, variation. 4) aspect of, feature. 5) special, distinctive, particular, different, qualification difference. 6) excellent, superior, pre-eminent. 7) division, part, section, 8) kind, sort [RY]

Especially [RY]

In particular [RY]

Particularly [RY]

attribute [RY]

to you (H, particularity, difference, distinction excellent, superior, distinguished, especially (as suffix to nouns or adjectives to denote state, condition, quality, degree [IW]

specially, particularly, as is the case with, in particular, singly, attribute, feature, difference, distinction, sort, kind, disparity, particular, difference, special training, specifically [JV]

particularly [RY]

particular details [RY]

distinction; [object individuations] [ggd] [RY]

difference/ distinction/ disparity/ peculiarity; specific/ distinctive feature [RB]