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1) n ga; 2) * rtog byed cig; 3) 8 * serpent [spirit/ deity/ demon, *, spirits of the water, beings, half-human half-serpent who live in the ocean [IW]

nagas, water-deities, gods of underworld, water spirits, serpent demons, serpents (enemies of khyung), kind of flower, demi-god with human head and serpent body generally living in fountains, rivers, and lakes, snake, 1 of 11 astrological diagrams, SA byed pa bcu gcig, half-human half-serpent beings who live in the ocean, semi-divine beings that dominate the underworld and water habitats such as seas, rivers and lakes; if offended they wreak vengeance by provoking infectio0s diseases and skin ailments [JV]

naga ; 1) among the sde brgyad kind of water-dwelling animal; 2) among the Byed pa bcu gcig nang gi rtog byed cig; 3) (met) 8 [klu chen la mtha' yas dang, 'jog po, stobs rgyu, rigs ldan, nor rgyas bu, dung skyong, pad ma, pad ma chen po ste, brgyad], serpent [spirit/ deity] (naga phanin vraga taksaka namuci dyijanmaun matanga) n ga, spirits of the water, beings, half-human and half-serpent who live in the ocean, serpent-demon] [IW]

Naga. Powerful long-lived serpent-like beings who inhabit bodies of water and often guard great treasure. Nagas belong half to the animal realm and half to the god realm. They generally live in the form of snakes, but many can change into human form [RY]

Naga, a class of underground beings belonging to a category in between the animal and the human realms [RY]

1) naga, serpent spirit / deity, serpent, snake. spirits of the water. 2) beings, half-human and half-serpent, who live in the ocean. myth. naga, snake [RY]