kun btags

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conceptual labeling/ ascription; conceptually ascribed [RB]

fancied, imagined. 1) imagined, imputed, labeled. 2) imaginary, artificial, acquired [not innate]. 3) imputation, mental labeling. See kun brtags; Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: [[ngag dang yid kyis brjod pa dang blo rnam rtog gis btags pa'i gdags bya rnams ni kun btags yin te/ dper na bum pa'o zhes sgras btags pa'i gdags bya de yin la/ 'dogs byed ni yid kyi shes pa 'khor sems byung dang bcas pa'i rnam rtog rnams kyis 'dogs par byed pa -n, mental labeling. See kun brtags [RY]

notional conceptual, SA mtshan nyid gsum [JV]

imagined, imputed, labeled, imaginary, artificial, acquired (not innate) imputation, mental labelling, false conceptions [= kun brtags [IW]