lce btsun seng ge dbang phyug

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Senge Wangchuk (11th-12th century). Chets�n Senge Wangchuk is counted among the lineage gurus in the transmission of Nyingtig which he received from his root guru Dangma Lh�ngyal as well as from Vimalamitra directly. As a result of his high level of realization, his physical body disappeared in rainbow light at the time of death. Before passing away, he uttered this last song. His later reincarnation as Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo remembered the Dzogchen teachings which Senge Wangchuk had transmitted to the dakini Palgyi Lodr� and wrote them down as the terma Chets�n Nyingtig, one of the most important Dzogchen instructions based on the transmission from Vimalamitra [RY]

Chets�n Senge Wangchuk (10-11th cent.), attained rainbow body. disciple of gnas brtan ldang ma lhun gyi rgyal mtshan and holder of the snying thig lineage. A great master of the Nyingma Lineage. His name Chets�n means "noble tongued" - someone who never lied, slandered or gossiped [RY]