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ordinary body. body, structure, life, lost myself, "body". lost, left behind, left, physical body (ordinary) body; (physical) embodiment; health; Deha [RY]

1) body; 2) 1 of three things examined by CH divination; 3) Deha * structure, life, lost myself, gapped, blanked, spaced out, be overtaken/ lost/ left [behind/ w/ w/o] [IW]

psycho-organism, body, organismic being, body-mind, skin, bodily feeling, touch (sense), physical existence, physical frame, constitution, lost myself, blanked out person, to be left behind, left over, to get stuck, bogged down, BOdy island, 1 of gling phran brgyad, I was left [JV]

(ordinary) body; (physical) embodiment; subject matter [RB]

In astrology: Body Element [GD]