mi dge ba

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non-virtue; unwholesome, non-virtuous. See also dge ba demeritorious. [TRS 34-3] expl [RY]

the nonvirtues [RY]

unvirtuous; syn nyes spyad dang mi gtsang ba wrongdoing or tarnishing actions [RY]

unwholesome, unhealthy, vice [JV]

1) bad; 2) non-virtue, non-virtuous, unwholesome; 3) unpleasant fruition ripening dharmas [eg, srog gcod kyi gzugs, tshig rtsub kyi ngag, gnod sems and their seeds non-virtue, non-virtuous, unwholesome, demeritorious [IW]

Nonvirtues. Usually referring to the ten unvirtuous actions: The physical misdeeds of killing, taking what is not given, and engaging in sexual misconduct; the verbal misdeeds of lying, uttering divisive talk, harsh words, and gossiping; and the mental misdeeds of harboring covetousness, ill-will, and wrong views [RY]

1) bad; 2) non-virtue [-ous], unwholesome; 3) dharmas ripening w unpleasant fruition [IW]

evil deeds [RY]


non-virtue, unvirtuous. That which is able to produce a future unpleasant fully-ripened result. This is sometimes translated as "unwholesome," but that is not quite accurate, because there are some unwholesome activities that are not necessarily non-virtuous, such as smoking, or drinking alcohol done with a neutral motivation. Unwholesome is a better translation for the Tibetan kha na ma tho ba. DKC