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ming dang gzugs (lit., "name and form") (formation of) mind-body (complex) (one of twelve links of interdependent connection) [RB]

name and form, (4th nidana, 4th of rten 'brel bcu gnyis 1 of the 12) psychosom tic form, embryo of life, ming dang gzugs, phung po lnga [[gzugs kyi phung po dang ming bzhi'i phung po) (TS). rten 'brel yan lag bcu gnyis kyi nang gses, ming bzhi'i phung po dang gzugs kyi phung po gnyis gcig la gcig brten pa'o [IW]

Name and form [RY]

name and form [IW]

namarupa, name and form, whole external world [JV]

def [[yan lag bzhi pa ni/ ming zhes pa ming bzhi'i phung po yin la/ de'ang tshor ba sogs phung po phyi ma bzhi'o/ /de rnams la ming bzhi'i phung por 'jog pa'i rgyu mtshan yang/ gzugs phung ni dbang shes lnga'i spyod yul du mngon sum du gyur pas na ming la brten nas rtogs mi dgos la/ phung po phyi ma bzhi ni gzhan gyi rgyu la yod pa ming la brten nas rtogs dgos pa yin no/ /nur nur po dang/ mer mer po dang/ go gor po dang/ mkhrang 'gyur dang/ rkang lag rnam par 'gyus pa ste/ mngal gyi gnas skabs lnga ni gzugs kyi yan lag yin no/ ming]] Syn ming dang gzugs Syn phung po lnga def. gzugs kyi phung po dang ming bzhi'i phung po. name and form, the Fourth Nidana, the fourth of rten 'brel bcu gnyis as one of the twelve links, psychosomatic form, embryo of life [RY]