mkhas grub

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1) scholar-adept, learned and accomplished, siddhas and panditas, realized master, accomplished scholar, learned and saintly, master practitioner. 2) One of Tzongkhapa's two main students (1385-1438) [RY]

learned and accomplished/ saintly scholar-adept, siddhas and pandits, realized master, accomplished scholar, master practitioner, one of these. [IW]

scholar, buddhist scholar who being learned has attained perfection, siddhas and pandits, learned and realized ones, scholars and realized masters, learned scholars and accomplished practitioners [JV]

1) learned and (spiritually) accomplished, scholarly and realized; 2) one of learning and accomplishment/attainment, one who is learned and accomplished, scholar-adept; 3) Paṇḍitas and Siddhas, scholars and saints, learned ones and accomplished masters [Erick Tsiknopoulos]