mkhyen pa

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omniscience, cognitive sensitivity, sensitivity, knowing, knowledge, aesthetically immediate awareness, intuition, 2 types(ji lta ba mkhyen pa (seeing as it is - sunya), ji snyed pa mkhyen pa, seeing as individual (not categorizing though), know, superior, of high order, to perceive, to see [JV]

think (of me), consider (us) know[ledge], prajna, knowing, seeing, wisdom (Tha mi dad pa) realization [h] [IW]

wisdom [RY]

(h) 1) knowledge, wisdom, exalted wisdom, knowledge, insight, understanding, cognition, perception, cognizance. 2) to know, realize, perceive, insight, cognize, understand. 3) knowing; mkhyen pa, mkhyen pa, mkhyen pa, mkhyen intr. v.; wisdom, knowledge; to know [RY]

(enlightened) knowledge/ wisdom; to know [RB]