mngon pa

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conspicuous, visible, evident, obvious manifest[ation], perception, making (or becoming) manifest, be evident, 1.(Tha mi dad pa),, be clear, seen, apprehended; 2) (Aabhi) abhidharma nirvana la mngon du phyogs pa'i truth etc &, each dharma whether it is or is not gzugs can etc. having discriminated again and again is shown &, phas rgol overcome &, by this we realize the meaning of the sutras as manifested by the four reasonings [IW]

appear, arise, signify, expose, reveal, show, display, Abhidharma, gong (higher is Abhidharma-samuccaya?), 'og (lower Abhidharma-kosa), manifestation, conspicuous, visible, evident, clear, metaphysical, abhidharma section of scriptures, scripture on wisdom philosophy and psychology, phenomenology [JV]

1) mngon pa, mngon pa, mngon pa intr. v.; making / becoming manifest. Syn rnam par rig pa exposed, visible, evident, obvious; conspicuous, visible, 2) knowledge; manifestation, 3) abbr. of chos mngon pa Abhidharma, scripture on wisdom, philosophy and psychology; metaphysics, 4) Abhidharma Kosha. Syn chos mngon pa mdzod [RY]