mnyam pa

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equal(ness); even(ness); alike; to be equal/ alike/ the same (whether or not . . . ); isc. uniform/ impartial; isc. undifferentiated [RB]

like, alike, even, equivalent, moderate, level, =[ity] the same [kind], similar, =lize, average [IW]

1) like, alike, equal, same. 2) even, moderate, level. Syn phyam me equality; equal(ity) to be alike [RY]

concentration, integration, harmonization, self-identification, identical with itself, be equal to, sameness, the same, state of sameness, (can indicate that it's not some particular kind of being but rather something is what it is), like, alike, even, level, flat, absolute equality, equality, all the same [JV]