mnyam pa nyid

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equality, equal nature, fundamental a likeness, very sameness, identical, mnyam nyid perfect equanimity. Syn phyam chad; equanimity; sameness, equalness, evenness, the state of identity, samata; state of being equal [RY]

constantly the same, utter all-alikeness, self-sameness, absolute sameness, total sameness, equality, equanimity, absolute equality, the state of identity, total equality, state of absolute equality, condition of equality, equalness, evenness , condition of sameness [JV]

=ity, fundamental alikeness, sameness, identity, equanimity, impartiality [IW]

(state of) equalness/ evenness; isc. impartiality [RB]

(the state of) fundamental likeness, equal nature (one of the five deep wisdoms (ye shes), being the purification of pride (and in a sense an antidote to it); many renderings of this are problematic, such as equality, sameness, etc.. The idea here is that of a realization of equanimity, engendered through realizing the essential likeness and equal nature of all people, beings and things, including oneself) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]