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extreme [thd]

edge, border [RY]

limit(ation)/ extreme/ boundary; isc. scope; isc. (utmost) extent [RB]

final [letter (anta)/ conclusion], fringe, boundary, limit[ing concept/ position (phil], limitation, ultimate, extreme, final[ity], side, brink, brim, shore, flank, end[ing], edge, margin, creation, point, end, border, tip [IW]

extreme, alternatives, last, limitations, border, boundary, limit, edge, margin, skirt, periphery, limiting concept, end (space or time), brink, termination, conclusion, terminal letters, shape, the utmost, the last, foreign, brim, outer, verge, SA cha shas, poles, conceptual limits, at the end, limitation [JV]

1) [anta] end, limit, fringe, limitation, boundary, limiting concept, ultimate, final, extreme, finality. 2) side, brink, flank. spros pa'i mtha' extremes. 3) end, ending, edge, margin, brink, brim, final conclusion mtha' sgrub pa creation, point, shore; extreme, limiting position [in philosophical contexts, limitation; foreign; limit, limitation, extreme, end, [anta]; limit/ extreme; sides; edge, fringe; extreme; brink; boundary; border country; basis [RY]