mtha' bzhi

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four results / ends: skyes pa'i mtha' 'chi ba, 'dus pa'i mtha' 'bral ba, 'byor ba'i mtha' rgud pa, mtho ba'i mtha' ltung ba birth ends in death, meeting ends in separation, prosperity ends in decline, and rise ends in fall [RY]

four extremes; [TRS 59-2]; 1 the four ends [of impermanence]. 1) skyes pa'i mtha' 'chi ba. 2) 'dus pa'i mtha' 'bral ba 3) 'byor ba'i mtha' rgud pa 4) mtho ba'i mtha' ltung ba. 2) the four extremes. 3) [Syn lung bzhi all the border regions, the four border regions. mtha' brgyad [RY]

four extremes/ limit(ation)s [RB]

Four extremes. Existence and non-existence, both and neither [RY]

4 points of argumentation, 4 extremes, 4 borders, all the surrounding territory, 4 limits of the globe, 4 limits [JV]

the four ends (of impermanence) [1 skyes pa'i mtha' 'chi ba - 'dus pa'i mtha' 'bral ba - 'byor ba'i mtha' rgud pa -) mtho ba'i mtha' ltung ba, the four extremes three the four border regions (Tserig) [IW]

the four sides/ extremes/ ends (of impermanence)/ directions *, four year old horse etc. *, everywhere [IW]

the four extremes, the four ends (of impermanence) [R] 1) four directions, ngos bzhi'am, mtha' skor; 2) mu bzhi; 3) four year old horse/ mule etc.; 4) 1 skyes mtha' 'chi ba, two 'dus mtha' 'bral ba, three bsags mtha' 'dzad pa, four mtho mtha' lhung ba ste bzhi; 5) 1 bden par grub pa'i rtag mtha'a, two tha snyad tsam du med pa'i chad mtha', three bden par grub pa dang tha snyad du med pa gnyis kar yod pa'i yod mtha', four bden par med pa dang tha snyad du yod pa gnyis kar med pa'i med mtha' bcas bzhi ste: yod mtha'a, med mtha', gnyis ka'i mtha', gnyis min gyi mtha' rnams bzhi [IW]