mthar thug

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absolute, final [thd]

x zab mo'i mthar thug ultimate profound [RY]

end, final, last, ending w, final, ultimate, conclusive consequence, completion of an act, to the very limits, sooner or later, in the end/ long run/ final analysis GD [IW]

eventual/ long term/ far-reaching; final; isc. consummate [RB]

ultimate [RY]

ultimate, final; ending with, consequence. 2) to the very limits. thams cad kyi mthar thug ultimately; the ultimate point of all, sooner or later, in the end, in the long run, the conclusive. 3) completion of an act [RY]

nistagata, consummation, consummatory situation, ultimate, going beyond, having reached its end, finally, at last, in the end, final, final goal, ultimate stage [JV]