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depths/ center; pith/ core [RB]

palm; "palm", the measure of the length of the palm and fingers of the hand, a synonym for cha chen; 1) central. 2) bottom, floor, foundation, base. 3) main point. 4) palm of the hand. dgongs pa'i mthil the depth of the mind [RY]

depth, base, bottom, sole, middle, SA dkyil, bottom, lowermost part, the depths, hollow part of anything, center, principal part of a town, chief place, fundamental point, final goal, main point [JV]

1) main/ central/ chief/ lowest part/ point; 2) palm of hand/ glove, sole of foot/ shoe; 3) length of the palm and fingers of the hand; 4) cha chen; 5) bottom, floor, foundation, base [IW]

bottom [of a container] [RY]