mtshan med

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without (characteristics, fixation), non-conceptual, SA rnam thar sgo gsum, fixation without an attribute, absence of identifying characteristics, devoid of gender, without signs, beyond any symbolical attributes, without a distinguishing mark, fixation without an object, without concepts, without characteristics, without characteristics, practice of non-conceptual contemplation, practice without attributes, without attributes, absence of characteristics [JV]

mtshan ma med pa cannot be characterized; absence of (definitive/ ordinary) characteristics; without/ involving no constructs; nonthematic; involving no thematic structures [RB]

nonconceptual, without form, formless, not centralized; markless[ness], formless, without signs / unadorned [experience]. / expressionlessness, marklessness; 1) without a distinguishing mark, 2) without an object. 3) [phenomena are] not defined by their criteria. 4) neuter, castrate [RY]

characteristicless [meditate on he natural state, emptiness [IW]

characteristicless * markless(ness), formless, w/o signs/ unadorned (experience)/expressionlessness, sexless, asexual [IW]