mu stegs pa

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Tirthika. Non-Buddhist teachers of philosophy adhering to the extreme views of eternalism or nihilism. An adherent of a non-Buddhist religion, esp. a Hindu, Jain or Lokyata (materialist) [RY]

(proponent/ holder of) extreme (religious) views [RB]

Tirthika (i.e. a Hindu), eternalistic - extremists; Heretic, extremist, a adherent of a non-Buddhist doctrine, follower / adherent of a non-Buddhist school. rtog ge sde lnga. forder, heretic, [not following the middle way] adherent of a non-Buddhist doctrine; (proponent/ holder of) extreme views, Heretic, non-Buddhist [RY]

Non-Buddhist, Skt. tirthika. Teachers of non-Buddhist philosophy who adhere to the extreme views of eternalism or nihilism [RY]

eternalistic, [extremist] heretic, Tibet rthika, non-buddhist *, hindu, bhramin [IW]

eternalistic, extremist Heretic, Tibet rthika, non-buddhist rtog ge sde lnga - forder, (not following the middle way) [IW]

extremist [thd]

tirthika, extremists, realists, all non-buddhist schools, a hindu (not a heretic), heretic, schismatic, non-buddhist, non-Buddhist, Mutegpa philosophers, thrthika, hindu, view of Hindus who assert the real existence of a permanent abiding unchanging entity called the self, term used to designate all followers of other religious traditions [JV]

Tīrthika ('Fledgling'/'Postulant'), meaning adherents of non-Buddhist Indian religions, sometimes referring to Hindus and sometimes to Jains. Mahāvyutpatti: तीर्थिकाः ॥ tīrthikāḥmu stegs pa la ya mtshan can gyi ming la ॥ མུ་སྟེགས་པ་ལ་ཡ་མཚན་ཅན་གྱི་མིང་ལ [Erick Tsiknopoulos]