nyams pa

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(Tha mi dad pa,, broken, torn, damaged, hurt spoiled injur[e][d][y], degenera[cy][tion], deteriorat[e][tion], decline, impaired, fall away from, depravity, destroy, ruin, damage, violation [of vows], exhaustion, emaciation, offense, corruption, transgress[ion][or], violat[or][ed], lost, declined, degenerate[d], lowered, sink, corrupted, decreased, damaged, impaired, failed, fallen from, gone down, [fallen into] decay, waned, faded away, withered, exhausted, thin, weakened, deprived, ruined, weakened [in context of vows and commitments]- [be] spoiled [IW]

de las nyams pa - falling back from those states [RY]

get weaker [RY]

impairment (of vow/ precept); impaired [RB]

slip, drop, decrease, injured, damaged, decline, defects, degenerate, deteriorate, subject to destruction, wasted, spoiled, degenerated, injured, hurt, spoiled, impaired, imperfect, defiled, polluted, degeneration [JV]

I) verb nyams pa, nyams pa, nyams pa intr. v. to break, be broken, corrupted, damaged, decay, decline, declined, decreased, degenerated, deprived, deteriorate, deteriorated, diminished, exhausted, faded away, failed, fall away from, fallen from, fallen into decay, gone down, impaired, injured, lost, lowered, ruined, spoiled, thin, violated, waned, weaken, weakened, withered. II) 1) n. degeneracy, deterioration, decline, decay, degeneration, depravity, ruin, injury, damage, exhaustion, emaciation, weakening. 2) violation, offense, corruption, transgression, impairment. 3) violator, transgressor [RY]

to spoil [RY]