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shravaka/ hearer of the teachings [RB]

proclaimer [RY]

Listener [thd]

Shravaka, "listener," a Hinayana follower of the Buddha 372, 549 [RY]

shravaka, hearer, pious attendants. disciples, hearer of the teachings listener, disciple [of the Buddha]; hearer of the teachings. Expl.: sgra don ni/ gzhan brten thos sgrog nyan thos/ /zhes pa ste/ de'ang legs sbyar skad du/ shra ba ka zhes pa nyan pa dang thos pa gnyis ka la 'jug pas nyan thos zhes bya ba yin te/ bu ddha sangs pa dang rgyas pa gnyis ka la 'jug pas sangs rgyas zhes brjod pa ltar ro/ /rnam pa gcig tu na/ gzhan brten thos sgrog ces pas/ slob dpon gzhan la brten zhing de las thos pa dang yul gzhan la sgrog pas thos sgrog gam nyan thos zhes bya'o [RY]

shravaka. 'Hearer' or 'listener.' Hinayana practitioner of the First Turning of the Wheel of the Dharma on the four noble truths who realizes the suffering inherent in samsara, and focuses on understanding that there is no independent self. By conquering disturbing emotions, he liberates himself, attaining first the stage of Stream Enterer at the Path of Seeing, followed by the stage of Once-Returner who will be reborn only one more time, and the stage of Non-returner who will no longer be reborn into samsara. The final goal is to become an Arhat. These four stages are also known as the 'four results of spiritual practice.' [RY]

shravaka [IW]

sravaka, hinayana disciple, listener, hearer, those who are content with listening and preaching, proclaimer, Shravakas [JV]