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1) -ness, [used to form abstract nouns. 2) it, itself, the very, the same, namely, just, exactly. 3) self, itself, oneself, himself, herself, yourself. 4) nature. 5) as soon as; ness; (the thing) itself/ selfsame; in fact; himself, itself; you; himself, herself, itself, myself; very, same [RY]

1) just, only; 2) -hood, -ness; 3) it, the very, the same, namely, just/ exactly [that]; 4) self, itself, oneself, himself, herself you[rself] [h]; 5) nature; 6) as soon as [IW]

self, same, not other, the very, just, abstract noun indicator, thou, you, itself, state, condition, the state of, real condition, themselves [JV]

-ness; (the thing) itself/ selfsame; . . . in and of itself; in fact; as such [RB]