nying khu

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juice, essence, pith, spirit of wine, real heart, source, yeast, spirit [JV]

1) [ultimate] essence, quintessence; 2) juice; 3) spirit, wine [IW]

1) essence, quintessence. 2) juice. 3) spirit, wine. 4) essence, extract, juice [RY]

1) essential juice, essential pith, essential sap, essential extract, essential serum; 2) heart juice, heart pith, heart sap, heart extract, heart serum; 3) ultimate essence, innermost essence, quintessence; 4) ultimate juice, ultimate pith, ultimate sap, ultimate extract, ultimate serum; 5) innermost juice, innermost pith, innermost sap, innermost extract, innermost serum (The basic meaning of this term is 'essential pith' or 'essential extract', but it should be distinguished from bcud, which usually means 'vital extract' or 'vital essence' etc. Sometimes spelled nyid khu) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]