phyag 'tshal

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expression of reverence, prostration, bow, showing reverence, salutation, greeting, salute [RY]

homage; [detailed expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 122] [RY]

to you we bow! [RY]

dance of homage (in dance) [RB]

1) homage, obeisance, salutation, 2) to pay homage, pay obeisance, prostrate, bow down, salute. 3) dance of homage (in dance) [RY]

expression of reverence, to show reverence [RY]

homage, to do homage, to prostrate [JV]

homage, to pay homage, obeisance, pay obeisance, to prostrate, to bow down, salutation, to salute, will you prostrate? [IW]

bowed low to [RY]