phyogs med

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impartial, without country, a vagabond, no limitations, neutral, not curved, without any curvature or crookedness, absence of extremes, unbiased [JV]

impartial, unbiased, without preferences, carefree, without limitation, prejudice, impartially, absence of bias [RY]

impartial, unbiased, w/o preferences, carefree, w/o limitation, prejudice, impartially, unbiased, w/o partiality/ country/ territory, vagabond [IW]

beyond partiality [RY]

impartial(ly)/ unbiased/ unprejudiced; without/ beyond extremes/ position; not subject to extremes [where reference is to how perception occurs]; isc. with no specific nature; isc. without one feeling partiality/ bias (toward . . . )/ without reacting (to . . . ); without division; isc. boundless/ unlimited [RB]