ra rog phad rog

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(R75: 134) DPR (oral comm.): = ham bshad. [mss] [RY]


Thank you for this clarification. The Ninth Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje, in his commentary to the dBu ma la 'jug pa, cites "rdzogs chen ra rog phad rog pa" along with the Jonangpas and Tsongkapa as authors who, in his view, misrepresent emptiness in different ways. It is not clear if this criticism is directed at a specific individual's view or at the view of a lineage group. The quotation on ra rog phad rog follows:

de'ang [stong pa nyid la] log par zhugs pa ni rdzogs chen ra rog phad rog pa ltar stong nyid kyi don med par bzung ste dngos po thams cad la skur ba 'debs pa dang/...