rdzogs pa chen po

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the great perfection [RY]

Great Perfection approach; great perfection nature/ state [RY]

Dzogchen, Mahasandhi, Maha Ati, the Great Perfection. rdzogs chen the great perfection, great completion; Ati; Atiyoga [RY]

the great perfection approach; great perfection (=nature/ state) [in second case, without definite article] [RB]

ati, great perfection, atiyoga [book - 1, pp -, book 2, pp mahasandhi/ maha ati rdzogs chen, dzogchen, great completion sngags rnying ma'i chos skad de, sems kyi rang bzhin la ngo bo stong pa chos sku, rang bzhin gsal ba longs sku, thugs rje kun khyab sprul sku ste sku gsum gyi yon tan thams cad lhun gyis grub par rdzogs pa ni chos thams cad kyi gnas lugs yin pas chen po'o [IW]

great perfection, SA rdzogs chen , total perfection [JV]

great perfection, SA rdzogs chen , total perfection, Dzogpa Chenpo [JV]

Great Completeness [JH]